The cemeteries of October 6, Al-Wahat Road

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The cemeteries of October 6, Al-Wahat Road, If you are looking for cemeteries for sale, The cemeteries of October 6, Al-Wahat Road, offers you the best services for buying and selling cemeteries and cemeteries at the best prices and the best building materials.

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What is celebrated on 6th October

What is celebrated on 6th October

The cemeteries of October 6, Al-Wahat Road

It has cemeteries for sale in different areas according to the customers’ desire. 

We also have legitimate courtyards and yards in most areas in Egypt. 

The company works to facilitate customers with fast delivery to cemeteries and real estate registration for cemeteries once contracted, 

And all the cemeteries are legitimate, licensed and of high quality of finishes. 

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Why is it called 6th of October City

Why is it called 6th of October City

Cemeteries on the market

Cemeteries for sale, as people nowadays need to purchase a suitable cemetery. 

You can learn about the prices of cemeteries in Egypt, which vary from one location to the next.

As dealing with The cemeteries of October 6, Al-Wahat Road companies is one of the best companies to work with because all of its papers are proven, 

And registered in the real estate registry with official documents.

Dealing with companies in buying and selling is preferable because they are the most trustworthy when it comes to cemeteries for sale in Egypt. 

You can also bargain for a lower price and select the best cemetery based on its quality and orderly construction.

Many people prefer to deal with businesses because they offer more than one service.

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How to Bury Correctly

You can learn how to bury in cemeteries because each person must have his or her own cemetery, 

And there are many cemeteries for sale, and burial must be learned correctly, as follows:

The deceased should be buried in the same direction as the qiblah, 

And the mourners should stand for a few minutes to pray for the deceased, so that the deceased feels soothing and less terrifying.

The deceased must be buried after being properly shrouded and completely covered with earth, both below and above ground.

There must be a place in Egyptian cemeteries for men to be buried and another for women to be buried, 

As it is not permissible to bury both men and women.

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All in all, this was all about the cemeteries of October 6, Al-Wahat Road, we hope that may help you.

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