Testing water and sewage pipes

Testing water and sewage pipes

Testing water and sewage pipes is one of the services that the company provides with high efficiency, in addition to the fact that it requires a great deal of attention because it must be done correctly before backfilling and covering pipes and water connections, so about testing water and sewage pipes, there are a variety of methods that fit the nature of each type of pipe, whether water or sewage pipes, and are compatible with specific methods, here is اختبار ضغط المواسير.

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Ball test for drainage system
Ball test for drainage system

Testing water and sewage pipes

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The company conducts a test for all feeding pipes by treating all openings, 

Building bridges and making connections related to the test, 

As well as adhering to various methods that are compatible with the various openings of pipes and water and sewage networks. 

To ensure that the connections are free of leaks,

The manhole pipe sections in the sewage can also be tested with a one and a half meter long water test. 

In addition, other methods that are appropriate for the nature of the pipes, 

As desired by the Water and Sanitation Pipes Testing Company, it can be used. 

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How to test sewer lines for leaks
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Advantages of a testing water and sewage pipes company

There are numerous advantages offered to the advantages offered by international companies, 

With the most notable of these features being the following: –


Clients expect their work to be delivered on time.

Equipment for recovery

It has a team of the best engineers, technicians, and workers with extensive experience in pipe inspection and testing.

In addition, great offers and discounts on all collective services will be made available to customers.

Obtaining high-quality academic degrees in the field of hunting science.

A joint training contract for workers in the same field who work with international companies, 

To develop and improve their functional level and ability to use modern equipment.

It has distinguished customer service teams that respond to inquiries all day.

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A water and sewage testing company’s services

The company offers a wide range of services, including leak detection and testing of pipes, water and sewage connections, the most notable of which are:

  • Testing water and sewage pipes for new construction and residential units

In it, the water and sewage pipe testing company employs a variety of methods, 

With a wide range of capabilities and scientific techniques to detect these pipes and prevent leaks at reasonable prices.

  • Service for testing water and sewage pipes for businesses and governments

In it, the company uses the most recent technologies appropriate for these pipes, 

To prevent any defect or leakage before backfilling the pits and covering the pipes, which aids in the problem’s resolution.

All in all, through the previous article you can find all details you may need to know about testing water and sewage pipes, we hope that may help you.